About Us

ICETEC Energy Services is an energy technology company that focuses on creating energy and market efficiencies for our clients. We accomplish the energy and market efficiencies by integrating our client’s energy procurement and facility assets with the market. Our experience is unequaled in real-time economic optimization of facility assets and our technology enables clients to participate with ISO programs to achieve unprecedented savings.

ICETEC has evolved with three business rules:

When ICETEC is developing new technology or helping a client solve a problem, we are always driven by our business rules that focus on making the solution universal.

  1. Solve Industry Problems - Our technology enabled large commercial and industrial facilities to respond to market conditions favorable to site asset optimization and furthermore to gain visibility and transparency to market conditions for energy procurement and plant operations.
  2. Increase Client Productivity - Clients no longer have to number crunch and calculate on the fly, our systems complete the analytics and execution in real-time, making the decision easy and proactive to market opportunity.
  3. Be Self-Sustaining - Our technology and clients become self-sustaining, since they are now both market sensitive and able to adapt to market conditions reducing costs.

If every client that had plant flexibility in the form of cogeneration, a diverse chiller plant comprised of steam and electric chillers, thermal energy storage assets, or a district energy system utilizing ICETEC technology and services, the grid would be more reliable.

We are the smart-grid solution for large commercial and industrial clients.

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